Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carry-on Bag

2 more days!!! OMG! I'm so excited!!

So, since I do only have two more days left, I have indeed started my packing. My first order of business being finished- my carry on bag. This was kind of based off of those youtube ( "what's in your bag" tag things...I'll just have photos of everything packed, what they are, and why I need them. Here we go:

Here my bag: its a big purse/tote thing. Also the first coach bag I ever had! It's perfect, stylish big with compartments, and easy to carry around. Plus its classy and matches with everything.

Ipod/ headphones, cell phone/ ID (essentials)

This is that sweater I had photos of from Delias? I realized though, that it's the end of July, so why would I be wearing a huge longed sleeve sweater out? So I decided to just bring it in my bag so when the AC is blasting on the plane I can through it on and be cozy (sometimes the blanket they give you just isn't enough!)

View without sweater

Travel Journal/pen and Reading Materials

Wallet/ My little emergency pouch thing! Its cute and polka dotted and it has a bunch of little emergency toiletry things in it- mini sized of course! I included: first aid kit, tampon/pad, hand sanitizer, q-tips, wipey, sun screen, stain remover, Advil, eye drops, little pack face wipe/moisturizer.

This is one of those blow-up travel pillows I bought on my trip to Greece, so I just had it. I really like it-very convenient and comfortable when its blown up, plus when its not it basically takes up no room.

This was jsut what i had in the side pocket of the bag- lotion, mirror, gum, pan/pencil, almonds? lol. I'm pretty sure they'll make you throw this out during security, but just in case you need a little snack- only 100 calories and very filling!

Also- I just bought an eye-mask + earplugs and a brain-quiz puzzle book, but I didn't take photos- sorry!

Second Also- make sure you check that your liquids are all under the fluid ounce rule-and make sure they're in a plastic baggy!

Happy Travel,
p.s.- I'm leaving tomorrow!!! AHHH!!!
-C <3333

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Classy" Travel

This is more of a fun post- I meant to do it yesterday but I didn't have time (yet again)! So here we go:

I first saw this book in one of my Teen Vogue issues, months ago, and thought it looked cute. Then, a few weeks ago I was in Borders, where I was picking up a travel journal (more about that later), and I suddenly remembered it! All I remembered about the title was that it had something to do with "classy" so I typed it into the book search, and low and behold, it came up. As soon as I picked it up I knew I had to get it! Basically, it's a book written by Derek Blasberg, an entertainment-industry writer, and it is all about young ladies remaining classy and cool in this trashy day and age! It's literally so adorable, and really so helpful, because I'm a big believer in charm getting you far. I would recommend it to any teenage girl just to have- its one of those books. I mentioned it here though, because although it does make a fun plane-ride read, it also has a chapter completely dedicated to travel, entitled "A Lady Goes Abroad." It gives you great tips and tricks, and of course, classy reminders. It was really handy when preparing for my trip, with ideas for dealing with jet lag, packing, etiquette, attitude, and travel fashion of course! Here's a cute photo from the book for travel: Classy vs. Trashy: At the Airport

Too cute, right?
Love it!
-C <333

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 days!!!!!

Omg so I was just checking my blog and I read "In exactly two weeks I will be on my way to Paris, France" and I was like geez now there's only four days left!! So I guess that means I haven't written in about a week...oopsies! Still, as expected, my family and I have just been going crazy getting ready/ preparing. One thing to know- travel involves A LOT of stress- but I promise, it's all worth it once you're there! There are just so many details that have to go into it, so make sure if you decide to plan a trip to give yourself plenty of time! We're doing a house swap (idk if I said that already) and they had asked us to move it up a week (this was like a month or two ago) and we said yes, but now we really wish we had that extra week! Another important thing to know when going into the whole world of travel is that you HAVE to make sacrifices. Throughout my summer I've had to turn down a lot of fun things- multiple trips to the city (I won't say which one!), concerts, beach days, shopping, birthday parties, etc. 1- because I'm juggling work and driver's ed, so I don't really have available time, 2- when I do have available time, I'm planning for the trip, and 3- hello, I'm trying to save my money here! Stop tempting me! lol. All three reasons basically mean everything is centered around this trip, which is honestly fine with me, but if you're someone who won't be willing to do that, who'd rather stay in their comfort zone and doing normal fun things (which is totally fine!) than traveling, especially abroad, might not be for you! :(

I'll do a fun post later this day,
C <333

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shopping (Part I)

So, I did my first bit of shopping for my trip yesterday! In exactly two weeks I will be on my way to Paris, France, and even though I want it to come NOW, I am not nearly prepared enough- culturally and shopping wise! Some internet-research taught me that Parisian women tend to "dress up" when they go out anywhere, so, as I want to be as respectful and in-tuned to the culture as I can, I will be ditching cut-off jean shorts and keds. Sneakers are usually a #1 advice for travelers-since all travels require a lot of walking-but in Paris sneaks immediately tip you off as being a tourist, so I'm going to be settling for sandals and flats. Clothes-wise, I just ordered some lovely dresses from Delias (, since they were having a 15% off-total-order sale. Sun dresses are always a clean, classy, and comfy yet slightly dressed up look, perfect for waltzing around Paris!

My younger sister ordered these three:

And then I order these three:

There's the slightly fancy day/sundress, a more casual street/beach dress (my favorite-the stripes are SO Parisian!), and the fancier LBD (little black dress). Every girl has to travel with, let alone own, a LBD. Its classy, timeless, and I wanted one a little dressy for a fancy dinner, or really just a fancier occasion. I'd dress it up with heels probably- as long as I wasn't going to be walking around too much! :)
P.S.- Be careful if your traveling in Europe and your wearing strapless or spaghetti/ thin strap dresses- lots of churches won't let you enter with bare shoulders- so make sure you bring a small cardigan along!

Lastly I got this sweater since it was on sale, plus it was exactly what I was looking for, as the beginnings of my traveling outfit- except its in a teal color, not maroon. I'll be wearing it with black legging..and probably some other accessories of course!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Fashion Here!

Sorry this is later than I said, I just couldn't find the time!

So, when I was going on my first trip abroad, we were doing a layover to Madrid- our flight was at 9 pm, we'd get to Madrid in the morning, stay the day, and then hop on another overnight flight to Greece. Basically whatever we were wearing that first night from JFK, we would be wearing all through Madrid the next day. So, when my cousins told me just to wear sweats- I'd have to be comfortable so I could sleep all those hours on the plane- I cringed. It was my first time in a foreign country, I didn't wanna be roaming the streets of Spain in sweat pants! So I faced the dilemma of finding an outfit that would last me two nights and a day trip, that would be as comfortable as pajamas, but stylish enough to be photographed in. Here of some tips-with outfits ideas from celeb pix-and the outfit I finally settled on!

I suggest NO heels or jeans. If it is a day flight I suppose jeans are OK, since they are casual and can be styled-up, but if you're doing an overnight no matter how much you love them, they really aren't comfortable enough to sleep in. A couple of the outfits below have jeans, but they also have other style elements I like, (ex: Lauren Conrad is wearing a big comfy scarf and shades with hers). I suggest a never go wrong garment-leggings! They are great- they look chic but are just as comfortable as sweatpants- I suggest black, since they are so tight that is the most flattering color. Either with boots or flats, and a longer tee (like Katy Perry) or jersey/knit dress (like Nicole Richie). Or a new favorite idea of mine- like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba (the first pic) a trendy trench! Always have a traveling cardigan-over sized-to keep you warm and be comfy, but it looks much better than a sweatshirt (see Eva Longoria Parker or Demi Lovato). Also bring a pair of comfy socks you can slip on for the plane, and then easily throw into your carry on. Little things that add fashion like a belt or jewelry, hat or scarf can easily be taken off for sleeping on the plane and then put back on once you land. (see Miley Cyrus and Rachael Bilson) P.S.- staples for me that are comfy and super chic are big cashmere scarves and super-sized sunglasses :)

Here are some travel fashion inspirations that were mentioned for examples: (p.s.- my favorite is the second jessica alba one!)

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Travel Fashion Coming Up...

So I was looking through a bunch of blogs, following some and such, and the ones I'm really tending to love are the fashion ones! I am not a huge fashion person or anything, but I like having a style, and when traveling it definitely comes up! So, tomorrow I'm going to start posting travel fashion, the first being what to wear while doing the actual traveling itself- on the plane rides, in the airports, in the taxis and metros, and sometimes in the city itself. It's all about balancing comfort and class! I'll have celeb pix (since they are super experienced travelers, obviously) and maybe some outfits of my own, or what I wore and what actually seemed to work in between the U.S., Spain, and Greece. So, follow if you're into that too!
Merci beaucoup, C

p.s.- sorry about the messy formatting on the Madrid pictures- I'm still getting used to this system! ;)

Madrid Highlights!

Haha, I know no one asked me to put pix up, because I only have 2 followers (wah), but I figured they'd help attract people to the blog! Plus, if I have a travel blog, I HAVE to have travel photos! ;)

These are highlights from my 1-day trip to Madrid in April (it was an 8 hour layover stop on out way to Greece)

                                                View from airplane of Spain!
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                                                 Madrid Airport! ^
                              A movie poster of "Remember Me" en Espanol! I just thought it was cool.
                                               Metro of course! So European! :)

                                            Exquisite still takes my breath away..
                   "The one street you shouldn't miss on your trip to Madrid is La Gran Via"-gorgeous!
                           My cousins and I in Plaza Mayor! (I'm the blonde one all the way to the right)
                                              Cool shot- walking out of the Plaza Mayor
          The streets of Madrid! C'est Magnifique! (yes, I felt a little out of place not knowing my Spanish!)

Well, there you go! Enjoy! and tell me if you've been to these specific places- or Madrid at all! I'd love to hear what you did compared to me! Merci beaucoup, C