Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Classy" Travel

This is more of a fun post- I meant to do it yesterday but I didn't have time (yet again)! So here we go:

I first saw this book in one of my Teen Vogue issues, months ago, and thought it looked cute. Then, a few weeks ago I was in Borders, where I was picking up a travel journal (more about that later), and I suddenly remembered it! All I remembered about the title was that it had something to do with "classy" so I typed it into the book search, and low and behold, it came up. As soon as I picked it up I knew I had to get it! Basically, it's a book written by Derek Blasberg, an entertainment-industry writer, and it is all about young ladies remaining classy and cool in this trashy day and age! It's literally so adorable, and really so helpful, because I'm a big believer in charm getting you far. I would recommend it to any teenage girl just to have- its one of those books. I mentioned it here though, because although it does make a fun plane-ride read, it also has a chapter completely dedicated to travel, entitled "A Lady Goes Abroad." It gives you great tips and tricks, and of course, classy reminders. It was really handy when preparing for my trip, with ideas for dealing with jet lag, packing, etiquette, attitude, and travel fashion of course! Here's a cute photo from the book for travel: Classy vs. Trashy: At the Airport

Too cute, right?
Love it!
-C <333