Saturday, July 10, 2010

Travel Fashion Coming Up...

So I was looking through a bunch of blogs, following some and such, and the ones I'm really tending to love are the fashion ones! I am not a huge fashion person or anything, but I like having a style, and when traveling it definitely comes up! So, tomorrow I'm going to start posting travel fashion, the first being what to wear while doing the actual traveling itself- on the plane rides, in the airports, in the taxis and metros, and sometimes in the city itself. It's all about balancing comfort and class! I'll have celeb pix (since they are super experienced travelers, obviously) and maybe some outfits of my own, or what I wore and what actually seemed to work in between the U.S., Spain, and Greece. So, follow if you're into that too!
Merci beaucoup, C

p.s.- sorry about the messy formatting on the Madrid pictures- I'm still getting used to this system! ;)