Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 days!!!!!

Omg so I was just checking my blog and I read "In exactly two weeks I will be on my way to Paris, France" and I was like geez now there's only four days left!! So I guess that means I haven't written in about a week...oopsies! Still, as expected, my family and I have just been going crazy getting ready/ preparing. One thing to know- travel involves A LOT of stress- but I promise, it's all worth it once you're there! There are just so many details that have to go into it, so make sure if you decide to plan a trip to give yourself plenty of time! We're doing a house swap (idk if I said that already) and they had asked us to move it up a week (this was like a month or two ago) and we said yes, but now we really wish we had that extra week! Another important thing to know when going into the whole world of travel is that you HAVE to make sacrifices. Throughout my summer I've had to turn down a lot of fun things- multiple trips to the city (I won't say which one!), concerts, beach days, shopping, birthday parties, etc. 1- because I'm juggling work and driver's ed, so I don't really have available time, 2- when I do have available time, I'm planning for the trip, and 3- hello, I'm trying to save my money here! Stop tempting me! lol. All three reasons basically mean everything is centered around this trip, which is honestly fine with me, but if you're someone who won't be willing to do that, who'd rather stay in their comfort zone and doing normal fun things (which is totally fine!) than traveling, especially abroad, might not be for you! :(

I'll do a fun post later this day,
C <333