Monday, July 19, 2010

Shopping (Part I)

So, I did my first bit of shopping for my trip yesterday! In exactly two weeks I will be on my way to Paris, France, and even though I want it to come NOW, I am not nearly prepared enough- culturally and shopping wise! Some internet-research taught me that Parisian women tend to "dress up" when they go out anywhere, so, as I want to be as respectful and in-tuned to the culture as I can, I will be ditching cut-off jean shorts and keds. Sneakers are usually a #1 advice for travelers-since all travels require a lot of walking-but in Paris sneaks immediately tip you off as being a tourist, so I'm going to be settling for sandals and flats. Clothes-wise, I just ordered some lovely dresses from Delias (, since they were having a 15% off-total-order sale. Sun dresses are always a clean, classy, and comfy yet slightly dressed up look, perfect for waltzing around Paris!

My younger sister ordered these three:

And then I order these three:

There's the slightly fancy day/sundress, a more casual street/beach dress (my favorite-the stripes are SO Parisian!), and the fancier LBD (little black dress). Every girl has to travel with, let alone own, a LBD. Its classy, timeless, and I wanted one a little dressy for a fancy dinner, or really just a fancier occasion. I'd dress it up with heels probably- as long as I wasn't going to be walking around too much! :)
P.S.- Be careful if your traveling in Europe and your wearing strapless or spaghetti/ thin strap dresses- lots of churches won't let you enter with bare shoulders- so make sure you bring a small cardigan along!

Lastly I got this sweater since it was on sale, plus it was exactly what I was looking for, as the beginnings of my traveling outfit- except its in a teal color, not maroon. I'll be wearing it with black legging..and probably some other accessories of course!

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