Saturday, July 10, 2010

Madrid Highlights!

Haha, I know no one asked me to put pix up, because I only have 2 followers (wah), but I figured they'd help attract people to the blog! Plus, if I have a travel blog, I HAVE to have travel photos! ;)

These are highlights from my 1-day trip to Madrid in April (it was an 8 hour layover stop on out way to Greece)

                                                View from airplane of Spain!
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                                                 Madrid Airport! ^
                              A movie poster of "Remember Me" en Espanol! I just thought it was cool.
                                               Metro of course! So European! :)

                                            Exquisite still takes my breath away..
                   "The one street you shouldn't miss on your trip to Madrid is La Gran Via"-gorgeous!
                           My cousins and I in Plaza Mayor! (I'm the blonde one all the way to the right)
                                              Cool shot- walking out of the Plaza Mayor
          The streets of Madrid! C'est Magnifique! (yes, I felt a little out of place not knowing my Spanish!)

Well, there you go! Enjoy! and tell me if you've been to these specific places- or Madrid at all! I'd love to hear what you did compared to me! Merci beaucoup, C