Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carry-on Bag

2 more days!!! OMG! I'm so excited!!

So, since I do only have two more days left, I have indeed started my packing. My first order of business being finished- my carry on bag. This was kind of based off of those youtube ( "what's in your bag" tag things...I'll just have photos of everything packed, what they are, and why I need them. Here we go:

Here my bag: its a big purse/tote thing. Also the first coach bag I ever had! It's perfect, stylish big with compartments, and easy to carry around. Plus its classy and matches with everything.

Ipod/ headphones, cell phone/ ID (essentials)

This is that sweater I had photos of from Delias? I realized though, that it's the end of July, so why would I be wearing a huge longed sleeve sweater out? So I decided to just bring it in my bag so when the AC is blasting on the plane I can through it on and be cozy (sometimes the blanket they give you just isn't enough!)

View without sweater

Travel Journal/pen and Reading Materials

Wallet/ My little emergency pouch thing! Its cute and polka dotted and it has a bunch of little emergency toiletry things in it- mini sized of course! I included: first aid kit, tampon/pad, hand sanitizer, q-tips, wipey, sun screen, stain remover, Advil, eye drops, little pack face wipe/moisturizer.

This is one of those blow-up travel pillows I bought on my trip to Greece, so I just had it. I really like it-very convenient and comfortable when its blown up, plus when its not it basically takes up no room.

This was jsut what i had in the side pocket of the bag- lotion, mirror, gum, pan/pencil, almonds? lol. I'm pretty sure they'll make you throw this out during security, but just in case you need a little snack- only 100 calories and very filling!

Also- I just bought an eye-mask + earplugs and a brain-quiz puzzle book, but I didn't take photos- sorry!

Second Also- make sure you check that your liquids are all under the fluid ounce rule-and make sure they're in a plastic baggy!

Happy Travel,
p.s.- I'm leaving tomorrow!!! AHHH!!!
-C <3333

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